Sales & Marketing Programs

InnTerActive Marketing has created, customized and implemented hospitality and hotel sales programs for new hotel openings, new restaurant openings, hotel conversions, hotels changing brands and independent hotels in need of extra sales and marketing support.

The financial impact on top line revenue have varied from property to property throughout our successful established business success with our sales and marketing programs.

We are proud to say, that our in-depth knowledge of market pace, how travel is impacted by the industry and agriculture and the overall tourism of a region has led every client we have served and continue to serve to revenue improvements that are leaps and bounds above their competitors and abundant on financial success.

Please review InnTerActive Standard Sales and Marketing Programs with the understanding we know that one size does not fit all and are able to work with your hotel or hotel portfolio to create the sales and marketing top line revenue budget you are looking for to gain optimum return on your financial assets. Once we have set the financial result you want, we set the action plan and achieve it, it is that simple!

Sales and Marketing Outsourcing programs

Pre-Opening & Ramp up Hotel Property Visits

Are you going through a pre-opening and need a ramp up? Recently went through a hotel conversion and need to get the word out to the market you operate in. InnTerActive Marketing’s most popular sales and marketing outsourcing program for the hotel industry is our one week or two week property visit. InnTerActive Marketing will deploy one of our senior executive sales and marketing experts to your property, prepared and ready to deliver an intense gorilla sales and marketing effort. We attack every market segment needed to make an impact on your property and leave you with a one year action plan for continued success. Return property visits quarterly for our limited service properties have also become a popular and cost efficient option.

Hotel Task Force Sales & Marketing

If you are currently searching for hospitality talent in the area of hotel sales and marketing you know the search for the right candidate can be a process that takes time. Don’t let your sales revenue suffer during the process. Contact InnTerActive Marketing today or send an email to Let us help!

Hotel Sales, Marketing & Revenue Training Seminars

InnTerActive Marketing is able to come to your hotel location, regional management conference or national brand conference to provide training seminars. We are able to customize any topic related to hotel sales, marketing and revenue management. Sample topics:

  • Industry, Agricultural & Tourism, have you explored your marketplace!
  • Owning your street corner, market segment by market segment!
  • Revenue Management, the top twenty-five things that will improve your Hotels Revenue Today!

Sales Call Coaching Calls

InnTerActive Marketing believes in the weekly sales and marketing meeting whether you are a limited service hotel, a mid-size full service or luxury destination. Constant communication on the lodging accounts that have been closed and those you still have yet to take away from the competitors is crucial. Even with the new age of technology and as local negotiated rates are fewer to online integration, knowing where your room revenue is coming from and how you are going to get more of it has to be understood. The sales team of InnTerActive Marketing is aggressive in our sales and marketing approaches. For these reasons we artist are known as hotel turnaround artist in the field of hospitality. We are available for hotel coaching by the week. Invite us via conference call to your sales meetings, have us create and coach your action plans. The results that will be achieved, will be nothing less than amazing!